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Kevin Durant is Already Regretting Leaving Warriors to Join Kyrie Irving

Colin Cowherd: “Kyrie Irving once said the world was flat, now he says coaches don’t matter… I’M OUT… coaching matters, it’s why Nick Nurse won a championship last year after all those years grinding it out in the G-League. Nick Nurse is a terrific coach… It’s not to say LeBron James can’t take Frank Vogel to the Finals, but Kyrie is not LeBron, he can’t stay healthy, and Kevin Durant is good but he’s not LeBron mentally, and he can’t stay healthy either… The world is ROUND and coaches MATTER.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss Kyrie Irving’s recent viral comments during a podcast in which he said the Brooklyn Nets will not have a ‘head’ coach in Steve Nash this season, but rather the team will rely on a ‘collaborative' effort to make up their coaching.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why the bizarre soundbite is simply on-brand with Kyrie, and why you can’t really take a guy like him seriously when he’s already been on record saying he thinks the earth is flat.

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