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Colin Cowherd on the Cowboys: 'This is a Bad Team Who Isn't Getting Better'

Colin Cowherd: “You don’t have to be a football coach to see a well-coached team, and you don’t have to be a football coach to see a poorly coached team. Mike McCarthy hired a defensive coordinator and Jerry hired a head coach who don’t wanna be challenged, who don’t wanna be threatened, and feel outdated. This organization in Dallas is people protecting their acreage, their space, and their title and this is what you get… Every time you read a business book what do they always say for the CEO? ‘HIRE SOMEONE THAT IS SMARTER THAN YOU.’ That can challenge you, and make you rethink things. The last thing you want to do leading a company is hire people that you can control, who don’t challenge you – YES MEN. Dallas is ‘Yes Men’ territory. This is a bad football team and it’s not getting better… It’s a franchise concerned with not being challenged, than being challenged, getting better, and winning games.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the freefalling 1-3 Cowboys have been ruined by an entire franchise led by ‘Yes Men’ who are just put in place to be a puppet for Jerry Jones.

Check out the full segment above as Colin details why Dak Prescott has been the biggest loser of arguably the league’s biggest underachiever this decade.

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