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Clay Travis: Making NFL Announcers Wear Masks is 'Absurd Cosmetic Theater'

Clay Travis: “On Sunday Night Football Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth began the game telling you that Santa Clara/Bay Area authorities were not allowing them to call a football game unless they wore a mask while calling the game – I’m not making this up. What remote sense does that make?? We have become such sheep that we are all engaging in absurd cosmetic theatre… They can call football games without needing to wear masks over their faces… I’ve had it with all these ‘Corona Bro’ losers, and their constant policing of everyone, and this idea that we’re under mortal peril during every second of every day. It’s just not true for the vast majority of us. The fear porn peddlers are refusing to look at basic data… Maybe during the game when the cameras weren’t on then they basically said ‘hey, this is stupid and hard to do our job’. As someone who is on the radio, could you imagine if someone who is paid for what their voice is has to wear a mask the entire show? It would sound awful. It would sound muffled, distorted, and the audio guy out there would lose his mind… The idea that masks would be required is next level dumb. I can’t imagine living my life with this much fear.” (Full Segment Below)

Listen to Clay Travis rip local Santa Clara authorities for requiring NBC Sunday Night Football announcers Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth to wear COVID-19 masks during their broadcast of the Eagles vs. 49ers game.

Check out the segment below as Clay calls the protocol ‘absurd, cosmetic theater’, and ‘next level dumb', adding 'I can't imagine living my life with this much fear.'

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