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Rob Parker: Dak Deserves 'Stat Prescott' Nickname For Phony Passing Numbers

Rob Parker: “The Cowboys are a MESS led by Dak Prescott. They STINK. This is a team who is supposed to be going to the Super Bowl! Everyone says the defense is ‘terrible’, but we KNOW it’s terrible, that doesn’t mean the offense can’t score, and Dak can’t have a shootout and win a big game. I don’t want to hear any defense of Dak, he can’t beat any good teams. And he HAS been part of the problem… Dak now has 6 turnovers on the season, 3 interceptions and 3 lost fumbles. If you keep turning the ball over and allowing teams to have short fields you put the defense in harm’s way, and that’s what Dak has done. If I’m Jerry Jones, I’m going into my vault, looking at my money, and rolling around in it saying ‘THANK GOD I DIDN’T SIGN DAK!’ He might have to pull a Kirk Cousins and get paid somewhere else because this is awful. I got a new nickname for him – ‘STAT’ Prescott, because he’s putting up these phony numbers after they fall behind… Dak hasn’t been ‘that guy’, and he’s not on his way to becoming 'elite' as Chris Broussard has fraudulently told you week after week… He’s not an ‘elite’ quarterback. He has ‘Stat Padford’ numbers and they’re ALL fraudulent… They’re so fortunate that they didn’t sign that guy.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Rob Parker blast Dak Prescott for his ‘phony’ numbers to begin the year, as Rob says we should all be calling Dak Stat’ Prescott for the rest of the season. Dak has put up gaudy passing statistics, currently leading the league in passing yards by a mile (on pace for 6,780 yards), but for a Dallas team who is now 1-3.

Check out the segment above as Parker details how Prescott’s career is predicated on ‘fraudulent’ stats, and why Jerry Jones is thanking his lucky stars right about now that he didn’t give Prescott the record-breaking long-term deal that Dak has been asking for.

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