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Clay Travis: LeBron James' Political Agenda Destroyed the NBA's Fanbase

Clay Travis: “We have never seen, in 40 years of NBA Finals games, less people care about the NBA than right now… It’s gotten so bad that Adam Silver came out and said that they’re not going to put any political messages on the court going forward, and they’re also going to eliminate everything on the jerseys. All of that is disappearing as the NBA has to come to grips with the fact that their fan base has completely exhausted their patience with the sport and just completely abandoned it. It’s unprecedented and they are seeing a collapse the likes that we’ve never seen before. In Game 3 their audience was down 70%. Seventy percent fewer people watched the NBA Finals Game 3 than watched two years ago when LeBron James was playing against the Golden State Warriors. The Social Justice Warrior trappings of the NBA are completely disappearing, and Adam Silver is basically begging for forgiveness for tanking the entirety of the NBA. Jason Whitlock had an interesting column at Outkick where he pointed out that LeBron James’ biggest legacy is potentially going to be that he destroyed the NBA’s fan base. All the time Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson spent developing an NBA fan base, and LeBron has pretty much completely destroyed it. Over 30 million people watched Michael Jordan’s final game in the NBA Finals. FIVE million people are watching LeBron in the NBA Finals right now. Think about how unbelievable of a collapse in audience that is... The NBA players are going to feel it too. Their salaries are all going to go down by 50% for next season. All of these NBA players who have gotten so WOKE and are like ‘look at how many Instagram likes I’m getting by being WOKE!’, you’re going to make 50% less money under your salary than you were anticipating making. It’s one of the most cataclysmic situations I have ever seen an American pro sports league in. I hope you wokesters are enjoying the disaster that is the NBA’s collapsing business.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Clay Travis discuss the freefalling television ratings of the NBA Finals, and why he believes basketball fans are starting to change their channels in record numbers because of the league’s decision to exploit political initiatives at their Bubble in Orlando.

Check out the segment above as Clay details why he thinks LeBron James in particular has single-handedly torpedoed the TV numbers, and destroyed all the good will the fans had with the players.

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