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Colin Cowherd: Jerry Jones & Mike McCarthy Are Delusional About 2020 Season

Colin Cowherd: “Politicians and cult leaders are great at lying and selling you stuff that they know is not true… Add to that the owner of the Dallas Cowboys and the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Jones and Mike McCarthy are trying to convince you, despite what you’re seeing, that this defense is ‘close’, that it's ‘very good’, and ‘just a tweak here’… There’s almost a certain art to be this delusional and trying to convince us that what we’re seeing is not true… NOBODY is buying it, not even the players. You can tell they’re not engaged. You can’t fool the athletes. These Cowboys players are not buying into Mike Nolan who is kind of a journeyman linebackers coach… We know what is going to happen this weekend. Dallas is going to beat the New York Giants, who have scored 3 offensive touchdowns all year, and Mike McCarthy is going to come out and say ‘you know, I thought we were a little more buttoned up, we had a good week of practice, and I really thought we showed some growth here.’ No, you faced the New York Giants. You can’t keep BS-ing people. The Cowboys defense is making every quarterback look like Patrick Mahomes… Dallas is going to try to convince you that they have got the momentum the next three weeks after playing the Giants, Washington, and Arizona, and it will be the same old delusion. They’re trying to convince us like politicians and cult leaders that something we know is NOT true, IS true.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and head coach Mike McCarthy are putting out ‘delusional’ soundbites to the media on how the team is fully expecting to respond from its dreadful 1-3 start, as Colin says Jones and McCarthy sound like ‘politicians and cult leaders' with their fictitious and bogus optimism.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why he thinks Jones and McCarthy are literally lying about a doomed season in Dallas that even the players have realized and acknowledged to be a bitter reality.

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