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Colin Cowherd Predicts Which Week Each Undefeated NFL Team Will First Lose

Listen to Colin Cowherd predict exactly which Week and matchup when each of the six undefeated NFL teams will lose their first game.

The Green Bay Packers, Seattle Seahawks, Buffalo Bills, Pittsburgh Steelers, Tennessee Titans, and Kansas City Chiefs are the last remaining teams without a blemish on their record.

Here are the remaining schedules for the six teams:


at Bucs, at Texans, Vikings, at 49ers, Jaguars, at Colts, Bears, Eagles, at Lions, Panthers, Titans, at Bears.


Vikings, at Cardinals, 49ers, at Bills, at Rams, Cardinals, at Eagles, Giants, Jets, at Washington, Rams, at 49ers.


at Titans, Chiefs, at Jets, Patriots, Seahawks, at Cardinals, Chargers, at 49ers, Steelers, at Broncos, at Patriots, Dolphins.


Eagles, Browns, at Titans, at Ravens, at Cowboys, Bengals, at Jaguars, Ravens, Washington, at Bills, at Bengals, Colts, at Browns.


Bills, Texans, Steelers, at Bengals, Bears, Colts, at Ravens, at Colts, Browns, at Jaguars, Lions, at Packers, at Texans.


Raiders, at Bills, at Broncos, Jets, Panthers, at Raiders, at Bucs, Broncos, at Dolphins, at Saints, Falcons, Chargers.

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