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Despite Elite Play, Packers Still Want No Part of Aaron Rodgers Next Season

Despite Elite Play, Packers Still Want No Part of Aaron Rodgers Next Season
Jason Smith: “Let me call timeout for a second because I think we’re all having the wrong conversation about Aaron Rodgers. The Packers are 4-0, but the teams they’re playing against have a combined record of 4-12. It’s not like they have been beating world beaters. They’ve beaten the Falcons, Lions, Vikings, and Saints… People say the Packers drafted Jordan Love to get Aaron Rodgers’ attention. C’mon, there’s another way to get Aaron Rodgers’ attention other than drafting a guy in the first round… That’s stupid… You traded up to get Jordan Love, why? Because it’s not about what Aaron Rodgers does on the field. This was a Packers team who was one win away from the Super Bowl last year and Rodgers was still playing at a high level. It’s not about what Aaron Rodgers does on the field, it’s a philosophy that Matt LaFleur would like to build around another quarterback. They’ve had it with Aaron Rodgers’ act… Is Aaron Rodgers’ done? No, not even close, but they still want to move on from him. This was not a Draft to get the attention of Aaron Rodgers, this is about personality, and the direction the Packers want to go with the franchise. Anything short of the Super Bowl and Aaron Rodgers is moving on after this season. This is his middle finger tour to the Green Bay Packers saying ‘I’m going to play this season lights out, then I’m going to go somewhere else and do the same bleepin’ thing.' But I’m showing everyone I’m the same Aaron Rodgers on the way out. Just because he’s playing great doesn’t change anything or make the Packers re-think anything, NO, they would not have done what they did if they did not want to replace him.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Jason Smith explain why he thinks this will be Aaron Rodgers’ final season in Green Bay despite the 36-year-old off to one of the best starts of his career.

Check out the audio above as Smith details why the drafting of Jordan Love in May wasn’t just to ‘send a message to Rodgers’ and motivate him to elevate his play in 2020, but rather a clear move in the direction of the team trying to distance themselves from him no matter how well he would play this season.

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