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Jason Whitlock: LeBron's Politics Are Driving NBA's TV Ratings Off a Cliff

Jason Whitlock: “These ratings are a disaster for ESPN, TNT, and anybody who is in business with the NBA. The players, led by LeBron James, drove them down this path to destruction. There is television talent at ESPN who has driven ESPN down this road to destruction too. ESPN is trying to mitigate how much destruction is levied on them. They feel like Rudy Gobert and China is one thing they can deal with and just ignore. They'd rather look hypocritical than actually discuss this. LeBron and other stars go over to China every summer and make money, and that’s what drives me crazy about these guys. They’re not blind to how racist China is towards black people, but because all these elite athletes can go over there and collect a million dollars, or a half million dollars over the summer, they just look the other way as it relates to China’s racism. It’s the ultimate hypocrisy and it's player driven. It’s childish and immature. I can’t say I blame ESPN or Adam Silver for looking the other way on this China deal because they’re putting their fingers into a dyke that’s springing leaks everywhere. They’re just going to ignore China because they’ve got other leaks to cover up… The NBA has more competition with ratings but don’t kid yourself -- the protests, and the swallowing of 'Black Lives Matter' is a good percentage of the problem. Basketball is my first love, my Dad took us to ABA Pacers games at the Indianapolis Fairgrounds before the Pacers were even in the NBA. That’s my first love and I’m not watching the NBA Finals because I just can’t take it. The LeBron worship, and the social justice stuff. If they have run me off, and I’m telling you I’m an NBA addict, surely they’ve run off more casual fans.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Jason Whitlock join Clay Travis on Outkick the Coverage to discuss the NBA’s floundering television ratings for the 2020 Finals, and also the muffled story of Rudy Gobert sharing a post on Instagram about some of the human rights monstrosities in China for minority Islamic religious groups.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details why NBA players like LeBron James are so hypocritical about bring awareness to only certain racial injustices that won’t affect their cash flow.