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The Real Reason Why NBA Finals Television Ratings Have Plummeted

Clay Travis: “The Lakers have taken a 3-1 series lead, and 70% of the NBA Finals audience from the last time LeBron played has completely vanished. They are down around 4-5 million with a tiny number of viewers the likes of which the NBA has never seen before. It’s prompted Adam Silver to say they are going to take the social justice names off the jerseys, and take the ‘Black Lives Matter’ off the basketball courts, and maybe players will even stand for the National Anthem. You know it’s bad when Adam Silver is backpedaling and throwing up his hands saying they’re not going to do this next year… The NBA already had a niche audience. Then they went down to Orlando and they all got together and said ‘how do we make our Bubble even smaller?’ The answer was doing what the WOKE community that is active on social media told you what to do. In the process you high-fived a tiny minority of your usual audience, and you turned your back on everyone else. Instead of trying to have a big Bubble and draw in as many people as possible to consume your product, the NBA turned to the tiny WOKE minority of their fan base and said ‘hey, what do you guys think we should do??’ And they’re like ‘you should put social justice warrior messages on your jerseys’ and they’re like ‘Brilliant! I love it!’ ‘What should we do during the National Anthem?’ and they’re like ‘You should kneel and nobody should stand!’ They high-fived the WOKE community who is a tiny minority of their overall fans, made THEM happy, and turned their back on the huge majority of basketball fans that otherwise would have been consuming their product. That is an example of getting lost in your own Bubble and losing sight of the real world… I don’t expect to agree with every athlete on every issue, they have the right to their opinion just like I have the right to my opinion, but don’t lecture me. Don’t tell me that you find my opinions to be unacceptable. Don’t turn your back to me because that leaves me with no other choice but to turn my back to you… They already had a small niche of basketball fans and then they turned their back on ALL of the basketball fans in America and decided to just make Social Justice Warriors happy… The people who the NBA is trying to make happy don’t watch sports.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Clay Travis explain why he thinks the NBA is hemorrhaging viewership, as Clay discusses the low 2020 NBA Finals ratings that are down almost 70% compared to last season, and experiencing some of the worst numbers in 40 years.

Check out the segment above as Clay details where it all has gone alarmingly wrong for the NBA, and why they have compromised their relationship with casual fans who have now elected to switch channels in the masses.

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