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Clay Travis Blasts the NFL For Postponing Games For Positive COVID-19 Tests

Clay Travis: “Are we wildly overreacting to the possibility of positive tests in the NFL?... Football is a very dangerous sport to play – bad results happen every single time we have football games. Somebody tears their ACL, somebody breaks an arm, somebody gets a concussion. We know that the long-term impact of football is often very negative, CTE for example. Football is a sport that people play in spite of the risks. We love sports but we know there’s a decent chance athletes are going to get hurt while playing those sports, sometimes seriously. If you gave every single NFL player an option right now of either you can tear your ACL of you can get COVID, is there any doubt that EVERY single NFL player chooses COVID?? If they have a functional brain and they consider risk factors, COVID is far less dangerous than a torn ACL, and far less dangerous than a severe concussion. Playing NFL football is dangerous. This idea that we have to shut down a team if one or two guys test positive, or even 10 guys test positive is crazy to me. Why would you not just allow the games to continue? There’s zero evidence that I’m aware of, of COVID being transmitted during a football game. Even if it did occur, it’s not going to be dangerous compared to the average level of danger of an actual football game. There are real long-term dangerous impacts that we know directly come from football like CTE, and we are OK with people making that choice to play, even though we know danger down the road is potentially going to happen from football. Yet we’re okay with guys testing positive for an illness that they would other not even know they had most of the time, and not being able to play football with THAT?? It’s just kind of crazy to me. The seasonal flu is more likely to kill people in their young ages. If you are a college-aged kid, you are more likely to die of the seasonal flu than you are of COVID, and we let players play with the flu all the time… The logic in any way doesn’t add to me.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Clay Travis blast the NFL for postponing games and banning individuals players because of positive COVID-19 tests, as Clay says an extremely dangerous contact sport like football already covers the bases with assumed risks that both fans and the athletes themselves acknowledge.

Last week the Titans vs. Steelers game became the first contest to be postponed because of positive COVID-19 tests in clusters of players and personnel, and Cam Newton was the first notable player to be forced out of action with a positive test as well.

Check out the segment above as Clay details why he doesn’t understand how you call NFL players ‘safe’ on the field playing the sport of football, yet they are a 'liability' with a positive COVID diagnosis that Clay says is less dangerous to young and abled individuals than the seasonal flu, adding that players play all the time with influenza.

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