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Clay Travis on Positive COVID Tests in NFL: 'It's Not that Big of a Deal'

Clay Travis: “What is the NFL going to do about all of these positive tests? To me this is an easy solution and I’ve been saying this for a while: they just need to add more weeks to the season in order to be able to complete the year if necessary. To me this is not a complicated decision at all… Evidently this is impossible for people to actually say because everybody has to buy into the fear porn, but we can acknowledge that a positive test is not that big of a deal? The ‘Corona Bros’ have sold you on the idea that a positive test is a big deal, but if you are asymptomatic, and you are a young and healthy athlete, you have virtually zero to fear from the coronavirus. If somebody tests positive, I can understand you can say ‘well, they can’t play in the event, or be involved in or around the facility until they test negative’, but we have yet to have a single case of the coronavirus being spread from an athletic event that I’m aware of. Every time someone has tested positive in pro sports and played in the game it hasn’t been transmitted during the course of the game… Why do you need to shut down everything because of asymptomatic test results that are in no way leading to people being sick? If you are young and healthy, or even just being young, your odds of being hospitalized are almost zero. And certainly your odds of death are virtually zero. You’re more likely to die in a traffic accident driving to the facility than you are to die of COVID. Why is the NFL so wildly overreacting to positive tests? I think it’s because people have bought into the idea that this virus is more dangerous than it actually is. A lot of people are finally starting to recognize that we just have to live our lives, and we can’t just stay curled up in the fetal position forever. If you’re going to allow, and have allowed for months, tens of thousands of people to show up and protest in your city, why can’t you let people show up to watch football games? If masks actually work, then why can’t people show up with masks at the stadium and not have to worry about anything associated with COVID?” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Clay Travis explain why he thinks the NFL needs to stop giving into the ‘fear porn’ surrounding positive COVID tests, as Clay downplays the severity of the virus when it comes to the league outright postponing games.

Check out the segment above as Clay explains why he believes the league is ‘wildly overreacting’ to these COVID tests, and just foolishly believing it automatically should result in dire consequences.

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