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Clay Travis: Playing in NFL Game Is More Dangerous Than Contracting COVID

Clay Travis: Playing in NFL Game Is More Dangerous Than Contracting COVID

Clay Travis is reacting to what has been the story of the week, and that is several positive COVID tests around the NFL. Cam Newton was unable to play in the Patriots' game last week, and now star cornerback Stephon Gilmore has tested positive as well.

There have also been issues surrounding the Tennessee Titans, as they have had the greatest number of positive COVID tests, and their game last week against the Steelers has already been rescheduled for later in the season.

Clay doesn't understand why stories of NFL players testing positive for the Coronavirus is such a huge story. First, these athletes are all young, and they are in world-class shape, so their real danger of having any serious complications is miniscule. Another aspect of Clay's confusion is in the college football world. A couple of weeks ago, Virginia Tech had over 20 players that were out because of COVID. Did we hear anything about this in the media? Virginia Tech is only one example. There have been a few college teams that have had significant COVID situations, but we don't hear much of anything about that at all, and these college games are still able to be played for the most part.

Clay believes that NFL players, if given the choice, would much rather contract COVID as opposed to tearing an ACL, or getting a concussion. The players know that their actual risk from COVID is virtually zero, but if they were to tear an ACL or have another serious injury of that nature, it would be more detrimental to their career.

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