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Stop Saying that Dwayne Haskins Got a 'Raw Deal' Losing Job With Washington

Ben Maller: “Ron Rivera is essentially saying that ‘Kyle Allen sucks less than Dwayne Haskins.’ Did Dwayne Haskins get a raw deal from Washington? I’m going to go thumbs down on this. We were pulling for Dwayne Haskins… Haskins has been FLUMMOXED, whether it’s been the speed of the NFL, the incompetence of the coaching staff, or all of the above. He looked totally confused, twisted into a pretzel, never able to get any kind of rhythm, and that makes you an abject failure in every sense. Let’s just be honest here and not beat around the bush. It is a bad sign when you are so atrocious that is looks like Dwayne Haskins has won a raffle to become the starting quarterback of the Washington football club. This is not some ‘boo-hoo’ story, he simply has been incapable of doing anything to buy him more time as the starter. What is Ron Rivera supposed to do?? He sees a guy who can’t get the job done at the position. Is this just a throwaway season, and are you supposed to suck, and all the players and coaches are just going to eat the losses and let Haskins go out there and drown week after week because he was a first round pick?? Eleven starts, and 13 miserable appearances, you have to seize the moment.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Ben Maller explain why he doesn’t think Washington quarterback Dwayne Haskins got a ‘raw deal’ by being benched by head coach Ron Rivera just 4 starts into his second season, saying that Haskins during his 13 appearances in the NFL showed no signs of being a competent NFL starter.

Check out the segment above as Maller details why he doesn’t understand how people would argue in the media for Haskins getting ‘screwed’ by his coaching staff, when you can’t just throw away your season as a head coach waiting for a free falling player to get better.

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