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Tom Brady Already Regrets Leaving New England Patriots

Rob Parker: “I bet Tom Brady is re-thinking his retirement to Florida. He’s starting to look like he made a mistake the same way Michael Jordan suited up for the Washington Wizards. What’s the difference between Jameis Winston and Tom Brady?? There’s a reason the Bucs haven’t made the playoffs in 12 years, and it wasn’t just Jameis Winston as everybody said. Everyone said ‘OMG, look at all the weapons!’ Now Tom Brady is probably thinking about the 11 penalties, sloppy game, and them asking him to throw the ball down the field. That’s not really his game anymore, let’s just be honest. He was 0 for 6 on passes for 20 yards or more, and then he had the senior moment where he didn’t know if it was fourth down or not… He’s looking out at the corner of his eye at New England going, ‘wait, they’re in the mix?? They haven’t fallen off a cliff??’ He AIN’T that guy anymore. Look at the wins and who they beat up on. They haven’t beaten anybody… If you’re a Bucs fan and you thought it was a done deal that Brady would win 12 or 13 games, GUESS AGAIN. Tom Brady is wearing a Washington Wizards uniform just like Michael Jordan did.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he thinks Tom Brady is already regretting his exodus to Tampa Bay, as Rob once again takes a victory lap on Brady and the Bucs' disastrous demise on Thursday Night Football.

Check out the video above as Rob pats himself on the back for predicting that ‘washed up’ Brady wouldn’t make the playoffs, and compares Brady to Michael Jordan’s last two sad seasons on the Washington Wizards.

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