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Clay Travis: Dak Prescott Should've Held Out, Never Played on Franchise Tag

Clay Travis: “Dak Prescott took the franchise tag over a long-term deal. For this season he played on a one-year, $31.4 million franchise tag agreement. I would have sat out if I were Dak Prescott, rather than take the franchise tag. When you play under a franchise tag you’re always one hit away from a devastating injury. Look at what happened to Alex Smith, and props to him for getting back in. Dak turned down a five-year deal worth $34.5 million per season, and more than $100 million guaranteed, to instead play under the franchise tag, with the idea that he was going to have a lights out season… This is why I always say that I don’t begrudge any athlete holding out, and it’s why I said Dak should have held out. Ezekiel Elliott held out and set the precedent for the Cowboys. When Zeke didn’t play, they renegotiated his contract even though he had two years left on it, and Zeke got a pay raise. He set the precedent that if you sit out, Jerry Jones will eventually renegotiate with you. Dak never sat out, he never skipped a game, and he never threatened to hold out during this entire process… This is why you can never blame any athlete for holding out, because you never know when that serious injury is going to happen and your career is suddenly going to flash before your eyes. No matter who are you are, or how healthy you are, every athlete is a play away from never making another dollar based on their talents.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Clay Travis discuss Dak Prescott’s gruesome season-ending ankle injury, and explain why Dak should have never taken the field under a franchise tag.

Check out the segment above as Clay details why Dak should have held out in search of a bigger long-term deal the same way Ezekiel Elliott did, as we know Jerry Jones would soon cave to Zeke’s demands.

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