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Colin Cowherd Describes Every NFL Week 5 Game in Just Three Words

Colin Cowherd Describes Every NFL Week 5 Game in Just Three Little Words (October 12th)


Panthers at Falcons: ‘FINALLY CLEANING HOUSE'

“Atlanta finally fired their head coach and general manager. Their defense with a defensive head coach was tied for 30th in points, and 31st in yards allowed. Dimitrov was a smart guy, but in the end they didn't have enough dynamic personnel."

Jaguars at Texans: ‘WILL CLEAN HOUSE'

“The Jaguars are abysmal and Doug Marrone should go. Gardner Minshew now feels like he's regressing. They're 28th in point differential. They made an egregiously bad call deep into Texans' territory and snapped the ball directly to their running back who was going to throw, but then fumbled. It was so bad and so 'rinky-dink' and high school. Let's clean it up and start over."

Raiders at Chiefs: ‘DEREK THROUGH DEEP’

“Henry Ruggs III had 118 yards. The knock on Derek Carr was that he likes to dink and dunk but doesn't want to throw deep. Jon Gruden loves explosion plays, and Carr threw two passes for 50+ yards. He had this season high in passing yards, and passer rating. Give Gruden credit, he and Mike Mayock have drafted lots of speed."

Cardinals at Jets: ‘CAN'T BLAME DARNOLD’

“The Jets are now 0-7 since Sam Darnold arrived in games that Darnold doesn't play. This is NOT Sam Darnold. It's systemic, institutional, coaching, and front office. This is an egregiously bad team who has allowed 30+ points in their last 4 games. They're bad on BOTH sides."

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