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Stop Acting Like Jerry Jones is a Villain Because of Dak Prescott's Injury

Doug Gottlieb: “Can we stop with one thing I’ve heard been discussed, I’ve seen been tweeted, and I’ve seen being written about… Which is somehow Jerry Jones is the 'bad guy' in this because he wouldn’t give Dak Prescott a long-term contract. It’s incorrect on every level and it’s WRONG. It’s the exact opposite of reality. This was no ‘hey, I want a new contract’ – ‘NO, we don’t want to give you a new contract.’ This was actually we want to give you a new contract which keeps you under our control for a year longer than you want to be kept under club control. We like you so much that we don’t want you to hit the free agency market a year earlier than we want. This is not greed, and Jerry Jones is synonymous with OVERPAYING, not underpaying his talented players. Jaylen Smith – WAY overvalued, Ezekiel Elliott – WAY overvalued, Demarcus Lawrence – WAY overvalued, Amari Cooper – WAY overvalued. If Jerry Jones saves money on Dak it’s not like it goes into his pocket you dopes. It goes to somebody else. It’s not a question of ‘can they afford it?’, it’s ‘can they afford it within the bounds of a salary cap and rebuild this tragically bad defense?’… This is why you don’t give long-term guaranteed contracts to football players. While injuries affect other sports, this is the one sport where Ryan Shazier is one hit away from never playing football again, and Alex Smith is one hit away from two years of rehab.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why NFL fans and pundits alike need to stop pushing this BS narrative of Jerry Jones being the 'bad guy' in the wake of Dak Prescott’s season-ending ankle injury.

Check out the segment above as Doug details why there is so much misinformation going around about how contract negotiations with Prescott really went.

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