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Colin Cowherd: Cowboys Have Officially Become a 'Rebuilding' Team

Colin Cowherd: “Dallas is rebuilding they just don’t know it. You watched the Giants and Dallas this weekend. We know the Giants are rebuilding, but they looked like the same team as Dallas. One had a really good defense, and one had a really good offense. One had a bad offense, and one had a bad defense. Hear me out here – offensive line is bad, defensive line is old and not very good. Their secondary outside of Trevon Diggs is not very talented. Their linebackers are expensive, overrated, and banged up… What does 'rebuilding' mean? If you go into a Draft and you’ve got half or more of your units NEEDING somebody, a playmaker, you are re-building. Dallas needs two offensive linemen, minimum 1, maybe 2 defensive linemen, another linebacker, a safety, one to two more corners, and they could really use an elite tight end… That is why the Ceedee Lamb draft pick was so weird to me. You just paid Amari Cooper a ton of money, and you want to get him touches. Michael Gallup is becoming a star, and you had Cedrick Wilson in practice, and all I know is that when I watch Cedrick Wilson I’m like ‘that is one of the better number three wide receivers in the league, potentially'… I think the Dak injury gives Dallas an excuse to rebuild. If you go into a Draft with six units needing a playmaker, you are RE-BUILDING.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Dak Prescott’s season-ending ankle injury will give the Dallas Cowboys an excuse to officially acknowledge their deeply flawed and top heavy roster that is dangerously thin at many positions across the field minus some elite All-Pro caliber players at a handful of spots.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why the Cowboys are much closer to a ‘rebuilding’ team than actually contending for a Super Bowl, as Colin says he didn’t see much difference between the Giants and Cowboys when they played last Sunday.

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