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Rob Parker: LeBron James Looks Weak Begging For Respect From NBA Fans

LeBron James: "I told Jeanie when I came here that I was gonna put this franchise back in the position where it belongs. Her late, great father did it for so many years and she just took it on after that. For me to be a part of such a historical franchise, it's an unbelievable feeling not only for myself, but for my teammates, for the organization, for the coaches, for the trainers, for everybody that's here. We just want our respect. Rob wants his respect. Coach Vogel wants his respect. Our organization wants their respect. Laker Nation wants their respect. And I want my damn respect, too."

Rob Parker: “’I feel bad for LeBron that for a man who is that accomplished and done so much for so long, that he has to stand up there and ask people for respect. It was just like I was embarrassed for him when he told everyone ‘when we came back from 3-1 was when I knew I was the GOAT.’ His body of work should speak for itself, but it doesn’t. I feel bad for LeBron that he has to ask people to give him some respect. Respect is earned and you shouldn’t have to ask for it under any circumstance… It ain’t just analysts, sportswriters, and broadcasters he’s pointing the finger at, it’s the other players and his peers. This is the same guy people wouldn’t even vote for for an All-Star Game. It ain’t just a jealousy thing. People should have been jealous of Michael Jordan, but I don’t remember people not giving him his due and talking about what a great player he was, even when they had to go up against him. That’s not the case with LeBron. Even with his fourth championship, and fourth Finals MVP he’s still crying in the wilderness saying ‘PAY ATTENTION TO ME! I’M WORTHY! I AM THAT GUY! WHY WON’T YOU BELIEVE IT?’ Deep down, I do believe that part of it is about the Miami thing, about hopping around trying to stack the deck. I think that’s what people and players, especially players, don’t respect.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Rob Parker discuss LeBron James’ recent soundbite after the Lakers’ NBA Finals victory over the Miami Heat, where LeBron said he ‘wants his damn respect.’

Check out the segment above as Parker says he feels sorry for LeBron, as a guy who has accomplished that much in his career and yet still has to beg for the media and his peers to respect him. Parker says it’s a sign of weakness for LBJ.