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Colin Cowherd Ranks the Top 10 NFL Teams Heading Into Week 6

Top 10 Teams in the NFL Heading Into Week 6 according to Colin Cowherd.

10. Cleveland Browns (4-1)

“Kevin Stefanski is my early leader for Coach of the Year. They finally got a grown-up, he’s very mature. I love what he’s doing. Not only do they lead the NFL in rushing, but they lead the NFL in 10+ yard rushes, meaning it’s a big play rush offense and they will hit you over the top as well. Baker Mayfield worries me but he does have multiple touchdowns in each game. I’ll probably know more after this weekend against Pittsburgh. The Browns defense scares me on the backend but they have forced 12 turnovers this year, number one in the NFL. Baker worries me in big spots, but I love their coach. I got them at 10.”

9. Pittsburgh Steelers (4-0)

“You can’t run on them. It’s going to be ‘Will vs. Force’ this weekend between Cleveland’s rushing offense and Pittsburgh rushing defense. Their upcoming schedule of Browns and Ravens will tell me a lot about Pittsburgh. I’ve still got some doubts about them. They’re only 24th in the NFL in yards per play. Big Ben is not making mistakes, and has a 70% completion rate. But the Steelers have beaten teams with a combined record of 3-15-1. They’ve beaten a bunch of nonsense so I have my real doubts this weekend. I think it’s a toss-up with Cleveland, and if you asked me tomorrow I might think differently, but the Steelers are little more explosive offensively.”

8. Los Angeles Rams (4-1)

“They’re 4-1 but it’s against the NFC East and they’re beating up on the Giants, and the Cowboys. They are number one in yardage differential. That’s a real thing, and it means they are explosive. Their defense has the most sacks this year. That was a real point of contention last year that they weren’t getting to the quarterback. Todd Gurley is gone and they’ve done a nice job with Cam Akers and Henderson. They’ve got nice running backs now. I think it’s a real good room to be in, and it’s a good team going forward. I think there are some limitations if Goff senses pressure, but the reality is Goff has won two games for every game he’s lost with Sean McVay.”

7. Tampa Bay Bucs (3-2)

“I have some concerns. Leonard Fournette is still banged up, and Chris Godwin is still out. I would like to see this team when they’re healthy. Their best tight end is out for the year, Fournette is gone, Godwin, Mike Evans… Here’s the good news – I love Todd Bowles the defensive coordinator. They have the number one rush defense in the NFL. Mike Evans when he’s healthy; he and Brady have a relationship right now. This is a team who should get better, but I keep them at 7 because they looked like garbage against the Bears, you got Brady barking at people, and frankly, their protection wasn’t very good.”

6. Buffalo Bills (4-0)

“Not much to dislike. They have 30+ points in each of their last 3 games. I have them this low because coming up they face Tennessee, the Chiefs, the Patriots, and the Seahawks, so I feel like in the next month I’m really going to get a sense of what they are. It’s the best young coaching staff in the NFL, and they’ve done a miraculous job with Josh Allen. But the TRUTH will be in the next 3 or 4 games.”

5. New England Patriots (2-2)

“I would take Cam Newton and the Patriots over the Bills this morning if they played. They’re still the best coached team in the league, and keep your eye on Damien Harris emerging as a star at running back. They are the second best rushing team behind Cleveland, and their defense has allowed only one rushing touchdown. With Cam I think they’re a nightmare to face, and I think they matchup with Kansas City very well. You know how Kansas City is sort of Baltimore’s kryptonite? Belichick and this team with Cam Newton could possibly be Kansas City’s kryptonite. I think they would have beaten the Chiefs with Cam. They run the ball, they’ve got an emerging star at running back, you can’t run on them, and they’re the best coached team in the league.”

4. Seattle Seahawks (5-0)

“It’s mostly I’m voting Russell Wilson fourth. It is a historically pathetic defense. They do have Bobby Wagner and Jamal Adams, but if you look at game-winning drives in their first nine seasons, Russell Wilson is first all-time. They have to go to Buffalo and they’ve got a game against the Rams on the road, so we will get a little more clarity then. But at this point they’ve got ‘playmakers’. Russell is a playmaker, Jamal Adams is a playmaker, DK Metcalf is a playmaker, and Bobby Wagner is a playmaker. They’ve got flaws, but when you get outplayed and you can win like they did against Minnesota, that speaks well of you. Not a lot of teams in the NFL can get outplayed and win.”

3. Baltimore Ravens (4-1)

“I like them and think we're selling too much of their stock. They have the highest yards per carry average in the NFL. They’ll not only run the ball, but they will pop runs. This is an aggressive home run hitting running game. They lead in scoring defense. I thought Lamar looked a little banged up, so I didn’t take a ton from last week’s performance. Don’t sell your Ravens stock. If you’re selling it, I’m buying it.”

2. Kansas City Chiefs (4-1)

“The loss to the Raiders snapped a 13-game winning streak. They can be maddeningly inconsistent at times, even on offense for a quarter. They can have bad halves, bad series, and they’re just not as consistent as I’d like offensively. They don’t have a ceiling, and when they’re on, LIGHTS OUT. But they don’t get to that point a lot and I think Andy Reid’s concern is ‘hey, I think we need to button up some stuff.’ When they’re great, nobody is beating them, but they have some real holes and some real droughts, and they did against the Raiders.”

1. Green Bay Packers (4-0)

“Aaron Rodgers faces Tom Brady this week, and there’s some real interesting numbers here. They’re averaging 6.8 yards per play, number one in the league. They’re offensive line is ranked number one in the NFL, Aaron hasn’t thrown a pick, they’re not getting penalized, they’re not turning the ball over, and I think their defense is a little better than we give it credit for because we only see how fantastic Aaron is. Their defense is rarely bad and I think it’s a good, solid defense. I think Green Bay is the best team right now. Fewest sacks allowed, no interceptions, almost 7 yards a play, a better defense, and their special teams are reliable. If Davante Adams is healthy –– and he’s got some injury history –– I think it’s a Super Bowl winning team.”

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