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Colin Cowherd: Stop Saying Aaron Rodgers is the NFL MVP over Russell Wilson

Colin Cowherd: Stop Saying Aaron Rodgers is the NFL MVP over Russell Wilson
Colin Cowherd: “I’m seeing these ‘Aaron Rodgers should be MVP’ stories the last couple weeks, and I’m like ‘LET’S STOP.’ There is no story here. Russell Wilson is 5-0. This Seattle defense this morning is statistically the worst in league history… You cannot win in this league with a historically awful defense. Aaron Rodgers has a much better defense. Russell Wilson has scored 35 against Belichick, 31 against Brian Flores, and 27 against Mike Zimmer in a driving rainstorm – three good defensive coaches. Do you know the number one offensive line this morning according to Pro Football Focus? It’s Green Bay. They also have a top five running back, Aaron Jones, and a top 5, maybe top 2 wide receiver in Davante Adams. Green Bay also has an OFFENSIVE coach. The only advantage Russell Wilson has over Aaron Rodgers is Russell Wilson’s number two wide receiver, Tyler Lockett, is better than Aaron Rodgers’ number two wide receiver. ‘Most Valuable’ is to take a lot of disparate and average parts, and ELEVATE all of them. Rodgers is number two in the voting like Burger King is number two to McDonalds, but it’s not close. Aaron Rodgers could not take this offensive line, and this defense and be 5-0. Aaron is in an easier division, with a better defense, an offensive coach, the best offensive line in the league, a better number one receiver, and a better number one running back. IT AIN’T CLOSE.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Russell Wilson should win the 2020 NFL MVP over Aaron Rodgers by a wide margin this year, despite a large contingent of media members pushing for Rodgers to win the award for an undefeated and unflawed Packers team that most consider to be the best and most complete team in the NFL.

Check out the audio above as Colin details why he doesn’t think Rodgers would be 5-0 with Russell’s atrocious offensive line and defense.

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