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Jason Whitlock Calls LeBron James the 'Black Donald Trump'

Jason Whitlock: "LeBron to me has damaged his legacy with all the politics. When you are the biggest star in sports, and you are trying to say you’re on the same level as Michael Jordan, your primary responsibility is to grow the popularity of the game, and he hasn’t done that. He’s become a polarizing figure, he’s become a political figure, and he’s exposed himself as not very sophisticated. Last week I wrote that he’s the ‘Black Donald Trump’, and the comparison is really more of an insult to Trump than it is to LeBron. If I’m Trump, I don’t want to be compared to LeBron. LeBron is crude, crass, and unsophisticated, and all of the things that he allegedly dislikes about the President are actually true about him. He’s run off a significant segment of basketball fans. It’s just not a good look for his legacy, and if I were ESPN, TNT, and advertisers that are tied to the NBA I would be very concerned.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Jason Whitlock join Clay Travis on Outkick the Coverage to explain why he thinks LeBron James has now become the ‘Black Donald Trump’, as someone who has acquired a ‘crude, crass, and unsophisticated’ personality that Trump’s biggest critics like LeBron criticize Trump for having.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details why he thinks the NBA Finals’ historically low television ratings have to do with LeBron’s obsessive mission to inject the NBA with left-wing politics.

(Whitlock's entire column can be found at the bottom of the page)

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