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Jason Whitlock: Dak Prescott's Agent Owes Him an Apology For Awful Advice

Clay Travis: “Did Dak make an error by not signing a long-term deal prior to this season?”

Jason Whitlock: “No question about it. I have sympathy for Dak Prescott and understand all the people that are expressive sympathy for Dak Prescott, but I just want to mention all those people who had been advising Dak saying ‘Man, go for that Russell Wilson money!' 'Dak you gonna get PAID!' 'Jerry Jones is mishandling this!’ Those people owe Dak an apology. When they were offering him $32-33 million a year in a long-term deal, Dak should have taken it. He’s overpaid at that price. I don’t say this to be unsympathetic to Dak, because I think Dak is a good person, but I think his agent talked him into a bad strategy. I think the media gassed him up, and now he’s in a very precarious situation. If Andy Dalton plays well in the very winnable NFC East what is Dak’s leverage going to be this coming offseason? He has no contract leverage, and I think it will be very hard for him to get a deal at $32-33 million a year. He's misplayed this. He should have went ahead and signed this deal that Jerry was offering, and then been in position to get one of these $40-45 million deals on the next contract. If Andy Dalton leads this team to the playoffs and plays relatively well, Dak’s leverage plummets and maybe the Cowboys move on from him. I blame the people who gassed him up thinking he deserved the kind of money of a Patrick Mahomes, a Russell Wilson, or the super elite quarterbacks in the NFL. They were offering him a fair contract and he should have taken it.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Jason Whitlock explain why he thinks Dak Prescott’s agent owes Dak an apology for talking him out of accepting a 5-year, $175 million deal that Jerry Jones reportedly offered Dak during the off-season, and instead, foolishly advising Dak to demand money that would have rivaled Patrick Mahomes’ and Russell Wilson’s record-breaking deals.

Whitlock thinks if Andy Dalton plays well down the stretch, Dak’s contract leverage will plummet, and could potentially even spell his demise in Dallas altogether.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details why the media is also to blame for Dak’s disastrous financial decision, saying they were gassing up a player who was never deserving of huge money to begin with.

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