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Derrick Henry: I Should’ve Gotten More Yards after Josh Norman Stiff-Arm

Derrick Henry: I Should’ve Gotten More Yards after Josh Norman Stiff-Arm

Tennessee Titans RB Derrick Henry joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show. Dan asks him about the stiff-arm he gave to Josh Norman and how that will go over in the film room this week. Henry says he was so focused on watching Norman hit the ground that he didn’t realize he ran out of bounds. They also talk about their 4-0 start to the season and how difficult it is to prepare when game times and opponents can change with short notice.

Dan Patrick: “When will you watch the game film from the Buffalo game?” 

Derrick Henry: “We will watch it today. We’ll all get together and watch it today and see how good we did, and see the bad things we did, and then see how we can get better.” 

Patrick: “O.K., but you’re going to know when the stiff-arm against Josh Norman is coming up so how long does Coach Vrabel stay on that play?” 

Henry: “I think he’ll probably say, ‘We’ve all seen this, it’s all over the internet…but next time, get more yards out of it!’” 

Patrick: “Ohhh! I did wonder about that, I mean, you did get the stiff-arm but then you went out of bounds.” 

Henry: “Yeah, because I was looking at him, I was so focused on him…by the time I realized where I was at; I was already on the sideline.” 

Patrick: “Wait, so you’re looking at Josh Norman on the ground and didn’t realize you ran out of bounds?” 

Henry: “Didn’t even realize it! I was so caught up in that, I looked up; I was right by my teammates on the sideline.”