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Rob Parker: LeBron James' Legacy is Defined By Taking the Easy Way Out

Rob Parker: “I don’t think LeBron believed in himself, and he cheated us from the whole picture and the whole movie. Part of the NBA experience as covering this league since 1987 was the ‘progression’ that happened. Isiah and the Pistons couldn’t get past Boston and they finally broke through and won championships. There is a ‘process’ and there is a ‘road’ that you go through. We saw it with Michael Jordan not being able to get past the Pistons. I was there for the Scottie Pippen migraine headache game with the ice pack on his head when they lost Game 7 and couldn’t get past Detroit. Then finally they broke through and Michael started winning… LeBron didn’t want to go through that process, he just wanted to take the short cut off the interstate and stack the deck in his favor. I still believe to this day that the reason he doesn’t get the respect despite all of the great things he’s done is because people don’t feel good about that, and it’s hard to embrace someone when they feel like somebody has taken a shortcut.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he thinks LeBron James' legacy and career will be synonymous with ‘taking the easy way out’, as Rob believes LeBron’s infamous appearance in ‘The Decision’ was the most seminal moment of his career, for a guy who was going to take shortcuts to NBA championships by stacking the deck’ in his favor for the remainder of his playing days.

Check out the segment above as Rob details why he thinks LeBron ‘cheated’ the fans and the game of basketball.

(Read Below For Rob's Complete Column)

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