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COVID-19: Clay Travis Rips Media Members Calling For Sports to Be Cancelled

Clay Travis: “The ‘Corona Bros’ in the sports media have immediately used Nick Saban’s positive test, in conjunction with LSU and Florida, and Missouri and Vanderbilt being postponed, as evidence for why college football isn’t going to work. Here is my challenge because a lot of those people will end up listening to this. If you are in the sports media and you believe it is unsafe to play football this fall, I don’t believe that you should be able to cover Saturday and Sunday football games, and Tweet about them, talk about them, or write about them in any way. If you are constantly going to lecture those of us who believe this virus is real, but we can’t stay in our basements curled up in the fetal position until there’s a vaccine. If you are going to lecture those of us who insist on continuing to live our lives, then you have a moral obligation to no longer cover football. QUIT YOUR JOBS. If you believe that football shouldn’t be played this fall, and you’re constantly going to whine and lecture everybody the minute there’s a positive test, you should have the moral authority to recognize that you’re a hypocrite, and you can’t tweet all week long every possible negative story involving college football, and then on Saturday and Sunday tweet and write about games as if nothing has changed at all. The reality is that are you a hypocrite. Sports, especially football, are going far better than the Corona Bros would ever believe… The sports media has become the enemy of sports fans, and I think much of it is political. I think sports media members have gotten totally deranged over a virus with a 99.99% recovery rate for people under the age of 50, which is the vast majority of coaches and players in this country… Bobby Bowden is about to turn 91 and beat this thing in a week. Nick Saban is 68, and doesn’t even know that he has this… The obsession with positive tests is a huge flaw for this country.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Clay Travis blast the mainstream sports media who have routinely pushed a ‘cancel all sports’ narrative at some point or another the past 7 months, as Clay rips college football reporters who have habitually only covered negative stories surrounding sports and the coronavirus, and yet still go right back to their jobs every Saturday without a peep like nothing ever happened.

Check out the rant above as Clay details why these ‘hypocrites’ in the sports media should just quit their jobs if they feel so strongly about football being cancelled.

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