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Colin Cowherd: Aaron Rodgers is Not a Leader

Colin Cowherd: Aaron Rodgers is Not a Leader
Colin Cowherd: “Once, twice, three times a year you’ll catch Tom Brady screaming, yelling, and getting after people. That’s called ‘leadership’. That’s what the late Kobe Bryant did, and that’s what LeBron has done. It’s called getting after people. That’s what leadership looks like and it’s not a negative. Or you can have the ‘Aaron Rodgers’ who is passive-aggressive, and rolls his eyes. That’s not leadership. Leadership is Troy Aikman, leadership is getting after people, and uncomfortably calling them out… Tampa is defined by ‘loose’, Brady is defined by details. Something had to give with this franchise and it did. What you watched yesterday from Tom Brady was a three and a half hour leadership seminar. They didn’t have a sack, they didn’t have a penalty, and they didn’t have a turnover ten days after they were a dumpster fire, and Tom reamed them on national TV. This is what leadership looks like… Yesterday was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen… If you want to be ‘cool’, you’ll never be a leader. You have to be the grumpy guy, you have to be the yeller, and you have to be the screamer. ‘Leadership’ is calling people out, sometimes on national TV.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Tom Brady is a much better ‘leader’ than Aaron Rodgers because he actually yells at people and isn’t afraid to call them out on national TV, whereas a player like Rodgers is more passive-aggressive, and turns to eye-rolling more than actually sending guys a message.

Check out the audio above as Colin details why you need to get in guy’s faces and force the changes you want, and says Tampa’s near flawless game against Green Bay on Sunday was proof of Bucs players finally listening to Brady after he reamed them out in their loss to the Bears.

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