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Colin Cowherd: Baker Mayfield is Ruining the Browns Franchise

Colin Cowherd: “Baker Mayfield is the problem. It’s not the running backs, it’s not their offensive line, and it’s not their coaching staff. Baker Mayfield is holding this team back. They’ve had three different head coaches and all of these coaches have been offensive head coaches; you generally don’t get that as a quarterback. I still think this team goes 9-7, and can make the playoffs. Baker Mayfield’s career is 59 touchdowns and 41 picks – that’s what he is. In the last two years he has 32 touchdowns, and 27 picks. That’s a franchise liability. Baker Mayfield looks tiny, and like a little boy playing with bigger older brothers. He looks completely overwhelmed, and the Steelers game plan told you exactly what they thought of Baker – put heat on him and he will fold like a deck chair. He can NOT be your franchise quarterback, and I don’t think this coach and this GM are going to pick up his fifth-year option. He’s Case Keenum with a better arm… Police video, goofy medical staff call out, Duke Johnson call out, too many turnovers, too many commercials, not enough focus, looks small, undersized, and overwhelmed when the offensive line breaks down… They’re going after a new guy, they just aren’t telling anybody yet.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the Browns will move off Baker Mayfield after next season and refuse to lock up his fifth-year team option, as Colin believes Mayfield is the sole reason why a talented Cleveland Browns roster can’t make the next step towards becoming a Super Bowl contender.

Check out the video above as Colin details why he’s always said Mayfield was ‘Case Keenum with a better arm’, and a player who never had a very high NFL ceiling.

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