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Kawhi Leonard Reportedly Angered Clipper Teammates with 'Special Treatment'

Kawhi Leonard Was Never a Good Leader For the Clippers
Chris Broussard: “Ty is going to have to come in and hold his superstars accountable. I was hearing that Doc wasn’t doing that, and wasn’t holding Paul George and Kawhi Leonard accountable. There was even a report that Kawhi Leonard had so much power over Doc that Kawhi was determining when he went in and out of the games. That rubbed the role players the wrong way. Jovan Buha's story from The Athletic said that Kawhi would be late for some of the flights to away games because he was flying in on a helicopter from San Diego first, and that that rubbed some players the wrong way too… This is something that has to be fixed. Ty has to come in and set the culture that obviously superstars get some special treatment, and deservedly so, but you gotta be on time for flights, and you gotta play. I want them to get rid of that ‘Load Management’ to any degree that he can. They got problems in a lot of places that they overcame by winning.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Chris Broussard and Rob Parker discuss reports chronicling turmoil amongst the Clippers locker room, as Chris talks about reports that Kawhi Leonard was sometimes late for team flights with zero consequences, and even determined when he would come in and out of games.

Check out the audio above as Broussard and Parker detail some of the challenges that new head coach Ty Lue will face, as some of the special privileges that Doc Rivers gave Kawhi and Paul George rubbed many teammates the wrong way.

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