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Rob Parker Says NFL Media is Overrating Tom Brady's 2020 Season With Bucs

Rob Parker Says NFL Media is Overrating Tom Brady's 2020 Season With Bucs
Rob Parker: “Their formula is for Tom Brady NOT to have big numbers or put the ball up as much. I’m going to pooh-pooh his numbers, and I don’t think they have been that impactful. He had one big game where he had 5 touchdowns, and that’s what put the numbers up there, but the four interceptions in the other games is not great. This team is about the defense… One game in Chicago they’re TERRIBLE, and then Tom Brady says something and then they had no penalties?? It wasn’t just because Tom Brady said something. That is ridiculous, and we’re giving him way too much credit… What proof do we have that the culture has changed from one week to the other?? He had 166 yards!” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Chris Broussard and Rob Parker get into a brutally animated argument about the perceived value that Tom Brady has brought the Bucs this season, as Rob says he sick and tired of Brady receiving all this credit when he’s playing alongside arguably the NFL’s most talented defense.

Check out the dueling rants in the audio above as Chris and Rob vehemently defend their positions.

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