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Tom Brady Is Winning the Divorce Over Bill Belichick

Tom Brady Is Winning the Divorce Over Bill Belichick

Clay Travis is reacting to what were some surprising NFL results on Sunday. The fact that the Bucs beat the Packers wasn't necessarily huge shocking news, but the fashion of their win was. The Bucs went down 10-0 early, and then proceeded to score 38 straight points to bow out the Packers. The other shocking result was the Patriots performance against the Denver Broncos. The Patriots were thoroughly beat by Denver, and it has Clay thinking that Tom Brady is absolutely winning the break up between Bill Belichick.

Who would win this football divorce? That was one of the biggest questions heading into this NFL season, and through 6 weeks of the season, Clay believes that Brady is the only right answer. Clay believes that the Bucs are at a minimum a playoff team, and they could make a postseason run.

The Patriots on the other hand, Clay has serious doubts they will even be an 8-8 football team this season. This was an ugly loss for New England, and it's their second loss in a row. Can they bounce back and get back to their New England ways? Clay doesn't think so.

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