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Dallas Cowboys Are the Biggest Joke in the NFL

Dallas Cowboys Are the Biggest Joke in the NFL

Jason Smith: “Was this them being discombobulated, or was it just ‘hey, Dak is out, we’ve quit on this season’?”

Jason La Canfora: “This is the part that cracks me up, they stunk with Dak. They sucked, they weren’t competitive, they couldn’t get any stops, and occasionally when they were down multiple scores they aired it out and got a whole bunch of chunk yards. They’re a losing outfit and they’ve been a losing outfit forever. It’s such a novelty to me that every year there’s subset of people who are like ‘YOU BETTER LOOK OUT FOR DALLAS! THIS MIGHT BE THE YEAR! MAN HAVE YOU SEEN THEIR ROSTER?? NOW THEY GOT ALDON SMITH, LOOK OUT!’ Really? Really?? REALLY??? They’re going to stop the run, defend tight ends, be a big boy operation, be well-run and well-managed, and not be long in the tooth and falling apart on the offensive line? This whole thing is a joke, and it’s a fallacy. It’s an iconic emblem and I love the star – it looks good on a helmet, good on the 50-yard line and all that stuff is wonderful. But they SUCK bad, and aren’t even close to a being a competitively built football. They are a joke, and they are not anywhere close to NOT being a joke. They’re going nowhere and the Eagles are going to win that division by two or three games. My God, the NFC East is such an abject failure. It’s so bad and the Cowboys embody the worst of what they are. People ask me about them all the time, and they’re the Cincinnati Bengals. They’re NOTHING.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to CBS Sports reporter Jason La Canfora join The Jason Smith Show to absolutely uncork on the Dallas Cowboys minutes after they were clubbed by the Arizona Cardinals on Monday Night Football, 38-10.

Check out the scathing rant above as Canfora details how the Cowboys are the biggest joke in the NFL and a team literally going nowhere.

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