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Clay Travis Maps Out a Plan For the Cowboys to Acquire Trevor Lawrence

Clay Travis Maps Out a Plan For the Cowboys to Acquire Trevor Lawrence
Clay Travis: “I think Trevor Lawrence could make a move here and say ‘I don’t want to go to the Jets’… I think the Jets are willing to trade this pick if they end up with the first pick… The Cowboys should be in the mix for Lawrence. They could trade the rights of Dak Prescott, and package that with Ezekiel Elliott, and their first round pick.”

Listen to Clay Travis map out a legitimate plan for the Cowboys to acquire superstar Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence around next season’s 2021 NFL Draft, as the Heisman Trophy front-runner has become one of the most highly touted Draft prospects in league history.

Dallas currently sits at a hopeless 2-4, as one of those rare instances of a super talented team fortified at the wrong positions at the wrong times.

Despite Dallas expected to win a handful of game in the 5, 6, or 7 range, Clay thinks the team has enough assets to package a trade with their expected mid-1st round pick to be able to convince a team to trade with them, especially in a potential case where Lawrence refuses to sign with the Jets.

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