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Colin Cowherd: Jerry Jones and Cowboys Need to Go Into Full Rebuild Mode

Colin Cowherd: “The Cowboys are in a rebuild and their owner has to admit that they’re in a rebuild. This is the downside of having an owner as a GM, because Jerry is often busy doing local radio hits on Monday. Where are the Cowboys deep? Wide receiver. Cedric Wilson is their 4. Cedric Wilson can really play, Amari Cooper is a really good player, Michael Gallup is excellent, and Ceedee Lamb is really talented. It’s time to trade Michael Gallup. Third year of a four-year contract; you’re going to have to pay soon and you need cap help. You do not need a fourth really good wide receiver. You’re 2-4, TRADE HIM, it doesn’t matter if you can win the division. You’re in a rebuild. The Bears and the Ravens are dying for a number two receiver. I can tell you another team. The PACKERS. The COLTS. The Patriots but they probably wouldn’t do it. Michael Gallup is a really attractive piece and you can get a second round pick for him… It's rebuild time. Jerry, get off local radio. Call the Bears GM. Call the Ravens GM. Start it now. I don't care if you can win the division." (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why Jerry Jones and the Cowboys need to go into a full rebuild mode right now, as Colin says the first thing the Cowboys need to do is trade blossoming wide receiver Michael Gallup.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why Jerry has to get out of this ‘But, we can still win the NFC East’ mode, where he’s in denial about actually being a bad team who can only compete in the atrocious NFC East.

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