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Herschel Walker: NFL Should Never 'Bow Down' to Social Justice Groups

Clay Travis: “What do you think about how political sports have become? For most people, sports are where they go to escape serious things in their life. Does it seem to you like it was a bad decision in general for leagues, players, and teams to get political in the sport itself?”

Herschel Walker: “It’s a terrible decision for teams to get so political, and for the commissioner to bow down to the pressure. What he should have done was said ‘no guys, this is what we’re going to do. We’re going to stand for the flag, and do this right here.’ He should have taken control and said ‘after the season, as a TEAM, the owners, commissioners, and players that this has hurt will go to Washington and make a change. Let’s CHANGE it, not politicize it. Let’s be honest here, it is supposed to be a TEAM, but the commissioner comes down and says ‘this is what we’re going to do: we’re going to put this on your helmet and we’re going to support this organization’, but there are some people on that team who may not support that, but yet they can’t speak out. They can’t say anything because they’re going to be ridiculed and put down. You’re a product and you’re a business. Think about the business end, and the businesses you may alienate… They bow down to the pressure. I know it’s hard, but sometimes being a leader you gotta do some things that people are going to disagree with. You don’t just back down just because you see pressure or you’re afraid. The commissioner got afraid and said ‘let me put ‘BLM’ everywhere and try to be politically correct.’ This is a team and there are some players who may not agree with that, so what are they supposed to do?”

Listen to former NFL running back Herschel Walker join Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis and explain why the NFL should have never ‘bowed down’ to social justice groups this season, and why he thinks the league made a huge mistake by pushing an agenda that Walker believes is partisan.

Check out the segment above as Walker details why he thinks the NFL should have instead devised a plan to send their most powerful voices, both executives and players alike, to Washington to actually incite change, and not just put a sticker on their helmet, or kneel for the National Anthem.

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