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Herschel Walker Says Donald Trump Isn't a Racist

Clay Travis: “What do you think when you hear people say he’s racist?”

Herschel Walker: “It’s sad, and that’s the reason why I got involved. I want America to know the truth. Donald Trump is not a racist. It’s tough because we have become so political today, and the worst thing that you can say to someone today is that 'he’s a racist.’ They take bits and parts of a speech and they try to make him a racist, and that’s what’s very, very sad to me and the reason I got involved. I didn’t get involved because I wanted to be in politics, it’s just somebody was saying something about a friend that I know very well that I know is not true. If I were to not get involved I thought it would have been an injustice to America. This guy is not a racist, he’s the best guy right now to run this country. He’s the best guy to be the leader for this country, and I wanted people to know the truth. I’m not getting paid, and I’m not getting anything from it, I just love America and want America to know the truth.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to former college football and NFL icon Herschel Walker join Outkick the Coverage to discuss his three-decade long relationship with President Donald Trump, and why he is endorsing Trump for the 2020 Presidential Election.

Check out the segment above as Walker details to Clay Travis his friendship that began with the President in the 1980’s while Trump was the owner of the USFL’s New Jersey General and Walker was his star running back, and also opens up on why he’s denouncing anyone who calls Trump a ‘racist.’

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