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Colin Cowherd Warns the Seahawks About Signing Antonio Brown

Colin Cowherd: “if you’re the Seahawks, why would you roll the dice on Antonio Brown?? You’re good at receiver, and you have great chemistry. I’m not doubting talent, and I'm not saying he’s not a great commodity, and I can separate ‘art’ from ‘artist’ – you can create great music and still be an awful human – but I don’t get this one. There’s probably places he can work, but I’m looking at the last three NFL Drafts. There are 27 wide receivers I would put as ‘very good or impactful.’ I don’t get it, the world is changing… Talent at wide receiver is exploding. Two of the top 7 wide receivers in yards right now are rookie receivers… I’m not saying a troubled wide receiver doesn’t have a spot in the NFL, but boy, you better be really careful. I’ve watched Antonio Brown at three different places, and the last three – New England, the Raiders, and the Steelers – it was a MESS.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he doesn’t think the Seattle Seahawks should sign Antonio Brown, not because of his off-field issues, but because the wide receiver position in the NFL is as loaded as it’s ever been and it’s not worth the risk for Seattle.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why this is the age of wide receivers in pro football, and why an Alpha ‘diva’ receiver of the past like Brown, is no longer coveted by Super Bowl contenders.

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