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Doug Gottlieb Calls Odell Beckham an ‘Immature Child’ For Tom Brady Remarks

Odell Beckham Jr: “I’m pissed, and at this point I really don’t care to keep trying to make myself look like a good guy to the world and all that s**t because I am who I am. I got pulled out of the game. The coach said this was the best decision. It’s eight minutes left. For me, I’d rather take my ass whoopin’ like a man. I’d rather take my win the same way. I want to be out there until the last whistle competing. I’m kind of over trying to play the right thing because — I love him to death, but there’s people who have plenty of rings and considered the GOAT and they do things on the sideline, and other people do things on the sideline, and they get away with it. And that’s classified as passion because they may have something behind their legacy or whatever it is. To me, we love this s**t that much. It means that much. There’s no way around it. I don’t care if I have zero rings, 12 rings, 20 rings. I love this game of football and I’m not gonna keep doling myself for the world to feel like I’m mature or whatever word you’d like to throw around. I’m always gonna be me. I’m tired of losing. Tired of losing to good teams, and ultimately just want to win."

Doug Gottlieb: “Let me just say this to Odell Beckham Jr., and the sycophants in the media who like Odell, and want to make it about race, and make it about everything that it’s NOT about. YOU, Odell Beckham Jr. are no Tom Brady, and no one believes you are. Wide receivers and quarterbacks play the same sport, but they are not in the same solar system in terms of what they’re able to do, and the accountability that’s held against them. It’s a completely different stratosphere. OBJ’s playbook is completely out of the malcontent wide receiver playbook that we’ve seen time and again… These IDIOTS in the media who wanna go ‘Well, the White quarterback…’ – HE’S WON SIX SUPER BOWLS. Everything Tom Brady has done has been about 'WINNING' and 'TEAM'. Whatever style they chose to play, he did it in New England. Even when he left and went to Tampa, he didn’t burn bridges, and he didn’t take top dollar… You’re not the franchise player, Odell, and when you’re getting your ass kicked in the Pittsburgh for the 17th consecutive time and you get taken out of the game, sit there and be mad as hell, but be a good teammate… He’s an immature child, and he already got run out of New York. It’s not because of talent, because he’s a great talent. The New York Giants said ‘we wanna rebuild this team, and we want to get rid of the highest paid, and most talented not-yet- in-his-prime wide receiver because we think that he’s a CANCER'… Please stop saying ‘We’re not critical of the White quarterback.’ BULL CRAP. We roast Baker Mayfield. Aaron Rodgers has bad body language and we crush him. Johnny Manziel got run out of the NFL. It’s not about race, it’s about position. THAT position is more important, that position has certain decorum, that position has a way in which you treat things, and that position is more about leadership. If players didn’t like Tom Brady’s leadership they wouldn’t play for him… If you’re really going to compare Tom Brady to Odell Beckham Jr., everyone who knows anything about sports is going to go ‘you’re really reaching, and it doesn’t make sense.’ You haven’t won one playoff game, Odell!” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb rip Odell Beckham Jr. for making claims that the media is a lot harder on him than Tom Brady when it comes to his sideline antics, as Beckham Jr. made news this week after going nuclear on the Browns sideline during their 38-7 blowout loss to the rival Steelers. Just a week prior, Brady had been in the news for being seen on the sidelines ripping Buccaneers offensive linemen for Tampa's mounting penalties during their one-point collapse to the Bears.

Check out the segment above as Gottlieb details why Beckham Jr. comparing his tirade to Brady is beyond ridiculous, and says how the media needs to stop making everything about race, and pushing a narrative that we ‘take it easy on the White quarterback.’

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