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Rob Parker Blasts Astros GM For Excusing Himself From Cheating Scandal

Jeff Luhnow: “I didn’t know we were cheating. Major League Baseball’s report stated that I didn’t know anything about the trash can banging scheme. There was no credible evidence of that. I didn’t know about either of them, and it felt like I was getting punished for something I didn’t do. After the investigation was over, and I was fired, I got access to about 22,000 text messages that were from personnel in the video room. They were communicating back and forth about the rules violations, and they were also using text messages to cheat on the job. There’s a few text messages where they say ‘don’t tell Jeff.’ It’s pretty clear that I wasn’t involved.”

Rob Parker: “IT HAPPENED UNDER YOUR WATCH. SHAME ON YOU THAT THIS WAS GOING ON. PEOPLE WERE BANGING GARBAGE CANS AND THERE WAS A TV SET UP, AND YOU’RE THE GENERAL MANAGER AND WERE TOTALLY OBLIVIOUS TO IT. That’s the problem I have. I get it, you were cleared by Major League Baseball, and they said that you really didn’t know about what was going on, but your job IS to know. To me, that doesn’t help him. If I’m looking to hire a general manager, and he’s telling me ‘I didn’t know what was going on!’ after having the biggest cheating scandal, and YOUR head was in the ground and you didn’t see anything?? You know what, I DON’T WANT YOU HERE. I wouldn’t hire this guy. You mean to tell me that something was going down and you were CLUELESS? That’s an excuse? ‘HEY, HIRE ME! I WAS CLUELESS! I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT WAS GOING ON! I WAS AT THE BALLPARK FOR 12 HOURS A DAY AND DIDN’T HEAR THOSE GARBAGE CANS BEING BANGED! I DIDN’T UNDERSTAND WHY WE HAD A HIGHER BATTING AVERAGE AT HOME!’ You made yourself look worse! Keep your mouth quiet and take your lumps. You were a part of a team that got busted cheating, and you’re name is attached." (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Rob Parker blast former Houston Astros GM Jeff Luhnow for comments he recently made pleading that he didn’t know anything about his team’s infamous sign-stealing scandal that became one of the darkest scandals in sports history.

Check out the video above as Parker details that while Luhnow may very well be telling the truth about having no direct involvement in the illicit sign-stealing, the fact that he was the GM and still had no idea what was going on just makes him look completely incompetent, and not a guy who you would ever want to be in charge or your team, should Luhnow try to find work on another MLB team once his year-long suspension is over.

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