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Rob Parker: Dolphins Should Cut Ryan Fitzpatrick After Remarks on Benching

Ryan Fitzpatrick on being benched: "I was shocked by it. It definitely caught me off guard. It was a hard thing for me to hear yesterday, just digesting the news. My heart just hurt all day. I felt like it was my team. I basically got fired yesterday, and my day today consisted of Zoom meetings with the guy who fired me and sitting in a room with the guy who replaced me for four hours.”

Rob Parker: “For him to say ‘I got fired’ when you’re collecting a paycheck as a backup, and ‘I have to listen to the guy who fired me’... Dude, people get demoted and change all the time. This is not unique or anything. To put that out there and then say ‘I’m locked away with a guy who’s taking my job…’, just none of that is acceptable. If I were the Miami Dolphins, I would have cut him after those comments, I’m not kidding you. That is not the stuff that teammates say when a decision is made. When you are on a team, you sign up and understand that the coach has the final say. You don’t dictate who plays and you have to accept it. To go out and make those comments publicly? They don’t help Tua, and they sound like sour grapes. This is a JOURNEYMAN, this is not a guy who just won a Super Bowl last year and he can’t figure out what is going on. You can get ANYBODY else to be the backup quarterback... I would have CUT him. I don’t want that guy around.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Rob Parker absolutely blast now-backup Dolphins quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick for going public with comments on how upset he was to lose the starting job to rookie quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, with Rob saying Miami should literally cut Fitzpatrick for the remarks.

Check out the segment above as Rob details why Fitzpatrick’s comments just make things that much harder for Tagovailoa, and says he wouldn’t want a guy like Fitzpatrick on his team.

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