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Doug Gottlieb Rips ESPN Writer For Implying Racism By White NCAAB Coaches

Doug Gottlieb Rips ESPN Writer For Implying Racism By White NCAAB Coaches
Doug Gottlieb: “We have lost any sense of what racism actually looks like. It’s like we want to default everything is about race. I can’t let this happen anymore without calling people out. Myron Medcalf is a writer for He said ‘One of the biggest challenges in college basketball is too many White coaches believe it’s their duty to ‘raise’ the black athletes in their program. The assumption is that these players never had a good role model, and now must be molded. It’s the precursor for abuse.’ Myron Medcalf never played, and never coached in basketball. This Tweet that he put out comes Pat Chambers being fired yesterday at Penn State after claims of racially insensitive remarks, abuse, and an investigation in which the initial claims weren’t proven to be racist in nature at all, but there was something else that caused him to be ousted. Gregg Marshall is probably going to be fired – he’s the coach at Wichita State, for claims of abuse. I’m not in any way apologizing for what Pat Chambers did, which is not going to be released, nor should it be, or whatever Gregg Marshall is accused of. But the idea that ‘White coaches think it’s their job…’ Bro, do you not know anything about sports, or life in general?? Yea, it’s a White coach. Black coaches do the exact same thing. ANY coach who comes into a young man’s living room and sits down with the family -- the first question the mom always asks is ‘You gonna take care of my baby?’ Whether the coach is White or Black, the answer is always going to be ‘Absolutely, I will be a father-figure, I will be a mentor.’ That’s what the process demands, and that’s what the JOB demands. We say these things that are just so incredibly far-fetched… This is confirmation bias. Just because two coaches who've claimed to have been abusive happen to be White, that doesn’t mean that it’s ‘racist’, or racial in nature for a White coach to try and be a father-figure towards a Black player when he comes to play for this school. ALL coaches should be father-figures, and mentors towards their kids, regardless of whether or not they have one parent in the home, two parents in the home, two parents with step parents in the home, no parents in the home; it doesn’t matter. You’re 18-22 years old, you need a grown man to help give you some guidance every now and again… The problem is not with the player, it’s with the MEDIA. Myron, you are so far out of your league with this. ‘Well I talked to a coach…’ Alright, name the coach! Name the player! You’re acting like coaches who help parents parent their kids when they’re away at school is a precursor for abuse. That’s what you wrote! What are you doing?? How dare you say that!… You can make the argument that there’s not enough Black coaches, but that doesn’t mean that White coaches are racists, or that White coaches are using their power for evil influence. That’s unfair, that’s not true, there’s no proof to it, and it speaks poorly to how YOU do your job. If there is this type of intimidation, racism, and bullying at play, how come you haven’t reported it?? You didn’t break that story, Jeff Goodman did.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb blast ESPN writer Myron Medcalf after Medcalf made a Tweet generalizing White college basketball coaches in a context suggesting that White coaches assume that all their Black players need a role model or father-figure in their life, which then becomes a 'precursor for abuse.'

Check out the segment above as Gottlieb calls out the writer for running with a narrative that Gottlieb thinks is completely far-fetched and downright shameful to suggest, as Gottlieb says that ALL coaches, whether White or Black, make an unwavering effort to be a mentor in their players' lives, doesn't matter their skin color or background, and teach them life lessons that they can take with them the rest of their lives.

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