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Rob Parker Mocks Ryan Fitzpatrick After His Heartfelt Comments on Benching

Greg Jennings: “Can he [Ryan Fitzpatrick] vent? Can he share his raw feelings, and still move on? Is THAT okay??”

Chris Broussard: Yeah, he should have vented to his wife over dinner.”

Rob Parker: “And he could have said he’s disappointed he wanted to play. ‘I got fired’, WOWZY, WOWZY, WOO WOO! ‘FEEL BAD FOR ME!’ You didn’t get fired, that check is coming at the end of the month, what are you talking about! You got fired?? ‘And I have to sit in the room and listen to the guy who fired me, and I have to sit next to the guy who took my job! This is unfair! I’m a 38-year-old journeyman whose never won jack, but I feel guilted! I should be the starting quarterback for the Miami Dolphins because we just beat the awful Jets! Oh my God! Look at what they did to meeeee!” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Rob Parker once again rip now-backup Dolphins quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick to shreds on The Odd Couple alongside co-host Chris Broussard, and guest Greg Jennings, a former NFL wide receiver, as Parker hilariously mocks Fitzpatrick for his emotional and heartfelt public response he had after losing his starting quarterback job to Tua Tagovailoa.

Check out the comical trolljob above just days after Parker made headlines for suggesting the Dolphins should just outright cut Fitzpatrick for remarks that Parker said did nothing but hurt Tagovailoa.

See Rob's full annihilation of Fitzpatrick below, from Tuesday.

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