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Stop Saying that Daniel Jones is a 'Franchise Quarterback'

Stop Saying that Daniel Jones is a 'Franchise Quarterback'
Ben Maller: “Is Daniel Jones a franchise quarterback? NO, NO, NO, NO! The Eyeball Test told you something different than what Steve Smith Sr. said on NFL Network, and it’s not a fact-based argument. Daniel Jones has provided the bare minimum of evidence, and I would even argue LITTLE-TO-NO EVIDENCE that he is a ‘franchise quarterback.’ If you look at the body of work that Daniel Jones has provided to the Giants, and you scan the landscape around the NFL, where does Daniel Jones fall in? There’s an old boxing term that applies to the Giants quarterback – ‘Ham and Egger.’ He’s just an ordinary guy, that’s it. Occasionally he will play a little bit better than average, but usually he’s either average or below average. There’s nothing there that dazzles you. The one thing that Daniel Jones has been good at in his NFL career is turning the ball over… Can Daniel Jones even get to the level of an average ‘middling’ NFL quarterback? It is DOUBTFUL until proven otherwise… The main criteria for putting faith into Daniel Jones and saying that he’s going to ‘figure it out’ is because he has all the same mannerisms as Eli Manning. They want him to be a carbon copy of Eli, of a guy who by the way, was OVERRATED. It turns out they did get a spitting image of Eli Manning, but it’s like the evil twin.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Ben Maller explain why he doesn’t think Daniel Jones is a ‘franchise quarterback’, as some in the media have come to Jones’ defense this week, despite the Giants sitting at 1-6, and Jones ranking near the bottom of the league in every major passing statistic.

Check out the audio above as Maller details why Jones is simply a pedestrian and bottom of the barrel NFL starter who is simply doing the bare minimum that a player grasping onto the starting job would be doing just to remain off the bench.

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