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It's Time For the Patriots to Send Cam Newton to the Bench

It's Time For the Patriots to Send Cam Newton to the Bench
Ben Maller: “It’s time to give Cam Newton a TIMEOUT. To saying he’s going the ‘wrong direction’ is a slight understatement. He is right now at Dante’s Inferno the way he has performed. His confidence is shot, and all of the warts and the moles have been exposed. The Cam Newton apologists are trying to blame it on some kind of phantom injury, that it’s not his fault, and that it’s on the receivers. New England’s wide outs are terrible, but they were also ‘terrible’ when Cam Newton was having some level of success, and showing a pulse. So what has changed? Opposing defensive coordinators have tightened things up, and Cam hasn’t been able to run rampant, and is more dependent on having to throw the ball. If you make him beat you with his arm it doesn’t work out. It’s REALLY ugly, and he hasn’t been able to adjust on the fly. Cam has been reading defenses like he’s learning a new language, like he’s learning Chinese. His field vision has been lacking, and he is not seeing guys when they get open. Cam Newton is back to being the flawed quarterback that he had been at the end of his run in Carolina, and you are seeing why Cam Newton in free agency was on a deserted island with no one else around, and no phone ringing. He got hurt a lot at the end with Carolina, and this is the full Cam Newton package that is rearing its ugly head.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Ben Maller explain why it’s time that Bill Belichick and the 2-4 Patriots send the flatlining Cam Newton to the bench coming off the worst home loss of the Belichick era this past Sunday vs. the 49ers.

Cam has an unsightly 2/7 touchdown-to-interception radio in five starts, and ranks 29th in the NFL in QBR, and 30th in passer rating.

Check out the audio above as Maller details how Newton is being exposed as the same flawed quarterback who drew almost zero interest during free agency.

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