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Jared Goff is the Most Underrated Quarterback in the NFL

Colin Cowherd: “Sometimes people don’t realize what they have. People in LA complain about Jared Goff, but think about Chicago. They have been looking for a franchise quarterback since the 40’s when they had Sid Luckman. They have not had a franchise quarterback in 75 years! Since 2000, the Bears have had 24 guys take a snap at quarterback. When people criticize the Carson Wentz's and Jared Goff's at quarterback because they’re not perfect, I just roll my eyes. Miami has NEVER replaced Dan Marino. Jared Goff has already gotten to a Super Bowl, and since Sean McVay has arrived he’s won 38 games and lost 16. His passer rating is 96, and he’s completed 64.5% of his throws this season. He currently has the highest fourth quarter passer rating in the entire league, and people are already nitpicking him… How much would Matt Nagy die to have Jared Goff today?? If you’re in LA and you’re not LeBron or Mookie Betts, we’re just going to sell stock on you. Jared Goff is a REALLY good quarterback… If he’s still healthy in ten years, he’ll have been to at least another Super Bowl.”

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he’s tired of NFL fans constantly nitpicking Jared Goff’s playing ability, as Colin believes Rams fans are taking for granted how good Goff really is.

Check out the video above as Colin details how underrated Goff is, and to put into perspective that very fact, imagine how badly the Bears wish they could replace Nick Foles and Mitch Trubisky with Goff.

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