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Chris Broussard Blasts MLB For Justin Turner's COVID-19 Fallout

Chris Broussard Blames Major League Baseball For Justin Turner Fallout
Chris Broussard: “I got no problem with it. It wasn’t the right thing to do, but I understand. Not having won a World Series in 32 years, he’s been a longtime Dodger, he’s excited, he’s hyped, and in those situations you don’t always make the most rational decisions… If somebody out there that was close to Justin gets it and really has a problem, then I will say I was wrong, but I don’t think that is going to happen. I would blame BASEBALL. They got a lot of nerve. They came out with a statement today ripping Justin Turner, and criticizing him. Number one, he was playing with an inconclusive test. Why is he playing?? If you really wanna be like the NBA and lock it down, then if it’s inconclusive you’re not playing, I’m sorry. He shouldn’t have been playing… Baseball is not in a position to come down on Justin Turner like they have done everything right. That’s stupid to have the dude get the test results DURING the World Series. Justin Turner had been in the dugout around those guys slapping five and spitting for the whole seven innings he was there. In proper protocol -- all of those guys who were allowed on the field who were around Justin Turner -- NONE of them should have been allowed to celebrate. Once you’ve been exposed, you ALL should have to quarantine. Baseball needs to keep its mouth shut. They can fine Justin Turner and fine the Dodgers, but they don’t have the right to come out here and act like they’re innocent of all blame.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Chris Broussard rip Major League Baseball for the way they handled Justin Turner’s positive COVID-19 test that was bizarrely revealed during the seventh inning of Game 6 of the World Series.

Turner was immediately removed before the start of the eighth inning in LA's clinching victory over the Tampa Bay Rays when it was revealed that a Monday COVID-19 test that was previously deemed to be inconclusive earlier in the day, officially came back positive while the game was going on.

Once MLB got news of the positive test they notified the Dodgers to remove Turner from the game immediately.

Despite leaving the field of play and exiting the dugout, Turner was later seen on the field celebrating with teammates, and even spotted taking photos with other players without a mask on.

Check out the audio above as Broussard details why he thinks MLB needs to get off its high horse, and just admit they screwed this entire thing up.

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