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Colin Cowherd: Analytics Should Always Be Thrown Out in the Postseason

Colin Cowherd: “The Rays ace was mowing everyone down and then they pull him in the sixth, and put in a reliever who had been struggling. This, of course, is called ‘ANALYTICS’!! The ‘numbers’ say that Mookie Betts is coming up and you don’t wanna have to face him a third time! Oh, boy… I get analytics during the regular season, but I have always questioned analytics in the postseason… Analytics are great information, but they value LONG-TERM data, not short-term reality. Blake Snell is a great American athlete. Nick Anderson is an average relief pitcher. in America we write sports books on Jeter, LeBron, Michael, Kobe, Shaq, Ted Williams, Babe Ruth, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Russell Wilson. And what do all those have in common? They are great athletes who rise to levels that shock us. We do not write sports books about average professional athletes hoping in the moment they finally deliver against Mookie Betts. We write them about the legends who in their last hurrah won another title. You don’t take Blake Snell out there. It’s one thing to be guided by analytics, but it’s another thing to be CONTROLLED by them… This is not a regular season game, this is THE MOMENT. Championships should be won by stars and players, not managers and guidebooks.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss the Tampa Bay Rays now-infamous decision to pull Blake Snell during Game 6 of the World Series after only 73 pitches, as Colin says this is yet another reason why we should never trust analytics in the postseason.

Rays reliever Nick Anderson would relieve Snell and instantly allow two runs to the Dodgers, ultimately costing the Rays their season.

Check out the video above as Colin details why STARS win championships in the playoffs, not managers and guidebooks.

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