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Colin Cowherd: The Patriots Haven't Been Trying to Win All Season

Colin Cowherd: “The Patriots are 2-4 right now, and the question has been asked are they ‘Buyers’ or are they ‘Sellers’ at this trade deadline? My take has always been that they had eight players opt-out, they didn’t sign free agents – I said I think they want one of these three young quarterbacks. They’re not ‘tanking’, because nobody does that in the NFL, not even Jacksonville, what they’re doing is: eh-hem, RESTRUCTURING. Now there are trade discussions for Stephon Gilmore, their best player. They’re already not giving Cam any weapons, their second best player… If you look at the Patriots’ remaining schedule, it is shockingly difficult. I think they beat the Jets twice, but if they trade Gilmore, and move Edelman, they lose ALL those games. The opt-outs, not signing free agents, letting guys go – I believe it is part of a very subtle ‘Belichickian’ reboot. I think it’s obvious. Belichick knows that he’s won only 43% of his games without Brady, and he needs to go out and find the next Brady, and it’s not on the free agent market.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he doesn’t think the New England Patriots were really trying to contend in 2020, and why he thinks Bill Belichick has secretly had his eyes on the 2021 NFL Draft all season with notable names the likes of Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, and Trey Lance making up the star-studded quarterback class.

Check out the video above as Colin believes the 2-4 Patriots are going to go into SELL mode with the chances of landing in the top 10 of the draft now very realistic.

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