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Kevin Cash and the Tampa Bay Rays Were Exposed as a Pathetic Gimmick

Ben Maller: "Blake Snell was holding a flamethrower, and had just given up a harmless single to Austin Barnes with one out in the sixth inning. He was mowing down the Dodgers, then Kevin Cash came running out of the dugout like it was on fire. It ended up that the arsonist was in the Rays bullpen… Kevin Cash will never, EVER, live this down. This is the defining moment of Kevin Cash as a big league manager, and the defining moment of the gimmick that is Tampa Bay Rays baseball. He will forever be known as the guy who had the game in control, and gave it away to the other team. He wasn’t even playing in the game!… I’m convinced that Snell would have gone 7 or 8 innings, and was not going to give up anything… This was tracking to be a classical ‘Mona Lisa’ pitching performance like MadBum, Curt Schilling, Randy Johnson, and Pedro Martinez, and Rays manager Kevin Cash hijacked history. Instead of a Mona Lisa, he wanted to make it a kindergarten finger painting contest. It was pathetic. The Dodgers were sitting on death row and were given clemency by the other team’s manager. This was a miscarriage of justice by the Tampa Bay Rays.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Ben Maller destroy Tampa Bay Rays manager Kevin Cash for removing ace pitcher Blake Snell from Tuesday night’s World Series-deciding Game 6 after only 73 pitches, as the Rays’ bullpen would then immediately surrender the lead after Snell had been pitching a gem.

Check out the rant above as Maller says this will be the ‘defining moment’ of Kevin Cash’s career, and will also become the lasing memory we will all have of the Rays analytic ‘gimmick’ when we look back on this World Series years from now.

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